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The Village Ltd. Welcomes
Sean Alwardt
as Secretary to
the Board of Directors

Am Maynard

Mar 25, 2024

Sean Alwardt Elected as Secretary to The Village Ltd. Board of Directors

The Village Ltd. New Board Member Press Release


The Village Ltd.


The Village Ltd. Announces the Appointment of Sean Alwardt as Secretary to the Board of Directors New board member brings a deep understanding of cybersecurity and risk management to the Board of Directors.

Denver, Colorado. The Village Ltd. announced today the new appointment of Sean Alwardt as Secretary to the Board of Directors. A cybersecurity and risk management professional with over 30 years of experience, Sean has a proven track record of leading and building robust security programs in national security and critical infrastructure environments. Throughout his career, he has served Fortune 100 companies like Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup within the defense and financial sectors. Currently, Sean holds the position of Director of Global Information Security at ACI Worldwide, a leading provider of real-time payments software and services. He further leverages his expertise by serving on the board of a technology venture company.

"It is an honor to join The Village and this dynamic group of professionals. I am drawn to the mission, which is worthy of universal support. This is not just a moment in time, but generational, where we can have a positive impact and counteract the destructiveness of bias development. Who would not want to get behind this mission?" Sean shared.

"As with any meaningful endeavor, there is a personal connection. I had an identity crisis growing up in a mixed household. I was more focused on where I fit in as opposed to understanding, accepting, and appreciating the qualities that make me a unique individual. The Village's tools would have made such a difference in my growth, not only in building confidence, but learning to empathize with others so much earlier in my life," he added.

“We are honored to welcome Sean to The Village,” said Annmarie Maynard, CEO of The Village. “His extensive experience in security and risk management, coupled with his deep understanding of the importance of our mission, makes him an invaluable and trusted addition to our board.”

Sean resides in Texas.

About The Village Ltd. -

The Village Ltd. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering inclusivity, belonging, and equity through innovative and research-based programs. Its flagship program, the Firefly Kids - I BElong! Series, is designed to impede bias development and promote healthy self-images among young learners. The Village Ltd. is committed to be nonpartisan and nonsectarian, ensuring that these programs are accessible to all children, irrespective of their backgrounds.


For more information about The Village Ltd., please visit

Media Contact: Annmarie Maynard


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