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Made for Change! Campaign

The Made for Change! Campaign is an exciting initiative by The Village Ltd aimed at raising funds to manufacture their research-based, developmentally informed I BElong!™ Series classroom kits for PreK - grade 3.

Once manufactured, these classroom kits will be purchased by corporations through a donation to The Village Ltd, who will then distribute the kits to schools for free. Our programs are designed with the aim of helping all children build healthy self-images and promote acceptance of others, regardless of their differences in race, gender, religion, sexual identity, family construct, and people with disabilities. Our research-based approach is designed to impede bias maturation and provide essential social-emotional scaffolding for children to develop into empathetic, respectful, and inclusive members of society. The goal of this campaign is to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all children. By contributing to this campaign, individuals can help provide children with the tools and support they need to love themselves and others that are different from them.


Your donation is 100% deductible.

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