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  • Are you open to answering additional questions not answered here?
    Absolutely! We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, no matter how big or small. Think of us as an open book (or perhaps a particularly inquisitive child eager to learn!). So, fire away! We're excited to hear what's on your mind and share more about our program and its approach to fostering inclusivity and belonging. Remember, there are no wrong questions here – just curiosity waiting to be explored! Let's chat! Email us at
  • Q. What does ReDI (research based, developmental informed) mean and how has it been applied to the development of this program?
    At The Village Ltd., we believe in creating educational resources that are both effective and engaging for young learners. That's why we use a research-based, developmentally informed approach in the development of all our products. What does it mean to be research-based? We leverage the power of scientific research to ensure our products are grounded in the latest findings on early childhood, behavioral, and bias development and early learning best practices. This research informs various aspects of our products, including: Content: The content of our products aligns with recognized developmental milestones and learning objectives for specific age groups. Activities: We design activities that are engaging, age-appropriate, and promote the development of essential cognitive, social-emotional, and executive function skills. Learning through Play Strategies: Our products incorporate effective read-out-loud and play strategies promoting deeper learning through active engagement. How are our products developmentally informed? We understand that children learn and develop at their own pace. By being developmentally informed, we ensure our products: Meet children where they are: The topics and activities presented are appropriate for a child's current developmental stage, fostering a sense of accomplishment and encouraging further exploration. Support growth: Our products are designed to scaffold learning, gradually introducing new concepts and skills that build upon existing knowledge. Promote holistic development: We address not only social-emotion learning (SEL)but also social-emotional learning (SEL) aspects but also focus on developing executive functioning and academic skills, fostering well-rounded individuals. The Power of Integration: Our products are not isolated entities. They are designed to work together seamlessly, creating a mesh immersive year-round program. This means: Complementary Activities: Activities across different products reinforce each other, solidifying learning and building upon previously acquired skills. Cohesive Themes: Our products share a central theme, ensuring consistency and a unified learning experience throughout the year. Combating Bias: By integrating research on bias development, our program actively promotes activities and positive messages that help children develop critical thinking skills and challenge stereotypes.
  • Q. Who are the Firefly Kids™?
    A. We are so glad you asked!
  • Q. How much does it cost to implement the I BElong!™ Series in a school?
    A. Because of our fantastic corporate sponsorship program, the I Belong!™ Series classroom kits are absolutely free to schools! This program allows corporations to invest in their communities and the future workforce at a critical time for social-emotional development. While the typical cost of a classroom kit through individual purchase would be $300, sponsorship enables schools to access these valuable resources at no cost. Please visit FAQ Page under About Us for information about making contributions to support this free programming to schools.
  • Q. Does The Village Ltd. have any political or religious affiliations?
    A .While we respect individual beliefs, the Village Ltd. proudly upholds principles of non-sectarianism and non-partisanship in all its endeavors. This ensures our programs remain accessible and impactful for all, regardless of personal beliefs or political viewpoints. Here's why these stances are crucial: Non-sectarian: This means our organization doesn't endorse or promote any specific religious beliefs. Our programs focus on universal values of respect, empathy, and understanding, ensuring we cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Non-political: Our organization avoids aligning itself with any particular political ideology. This ensures our programs remain objective and unbiased, allowing children to develop critical thinking skills and form their own informed opinions. By choosing these stances, The Village Ltd. creates a safe and inclusive learning environment where all children can thrive. Our focus remains on building bridges of understanding and fostering empathy across diverse communities, not promoting specific agendas.
  • Q. How do I apply to receive a FREE classroom kit for my classroom?
    A. We're thrilled you're interested in bringing the I Belong!™ Series to your classroom! Currently, we're accepting applications for free classroom kits through our Classroom Kit Waitlist. Here's a quick rundown of how to apply: One Application per Classroom: This application process allows one (physical) classroom kit per application. If you have multiple classrooms that would benefit from the program, please submit a separate application for each one. Open to US Schools: The waitlist is currently open to schools located within the United States and its territories. Stay Informed: Once you submit your application, we'll keep you updated on the latest developments regarding the classroom kit program and notify you when you can officially claim yours! Click here to access the application.
  • Q. How is the program implemented? Is there a teaching plan or video lessons?
    A. The I Belong!™ Series takes a unique approach that prioritizes interactive learning through read-out-load activities and creative playtime. This means there's no need for a rigid teaching plan! Here's why: Engaging Read-Out-Louds: Our beautifully illustrated children's book is designed to spark imaginations and introduce key concepts. Reading aloud allows you to guide discussions, answer questions, and build upon the story together. Playful Exploration: We've included a variety of open-ended activities that encourage children to learn through play. This hands-on approach allows them to explore concepts in a fun and engaging way, fostering deeper understanding and memory retention. Our kit resources guide you in creating effective learning experiences: Teacher's Guide: This comprehensive guide provides background information, activity suggestions, and discussion prompts to help you seamlessly integrate the program into your classroom routine. Open-Ended Activities: From creative coloring pages to engaging puzzles and games, the activities encourage participation, collaboration, and executive functioning skills. This play-based approach allows teachers to flexibly integrate the program into their existing routines, focusing on observing children's responses and identifying potential biases that may require additional support. This empowers teachers to be responsive facilitators, nurturing individual needs and fostering a more inclusive classroom environment. No Video Lessons for a Reason: Since the I Belong!™ Series caters to pre-K through Grade 3, we've consciously omitted video lessons. Research suggests that interactive, creative play at this age group stimulates deeper neural pathways. By focusing on read-aloud sessions and hands-on activities, we encourage active participation and social interaction, fostering well-rounded development. Ultimately, the I Belong!™ Series empowers you to become the storyteller and guide, while your students take center stage in their own learning journey!
  • Q. What is the I BElong!™ Series?
    A. The I Belong!™ Series, part of the Firefly Kids™ Brand, is a research-based, developmentally informed (ReDI) SEL program. It focuses on developing children's social-emotional and executive functioning skills as a means to impede bias development.
  • Q. What is included in a classroom kit?
    A. Each classroom kit is designed using high-quality materials that work together as a mesh system, seamlessly integrating with each other to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience throughout the year. With both teacher-active and student-independent activities, this kit empowers educators to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Here's a peek at what you'll get: A captivating illustrated children's book to spark imaginations and introduce key concepts, perfect for interactive read-aloud sessions. 15 coloring books that offer a fun way for students to practice skills and reinforce learning independently. 5 activity books brimming with engaging exercises to challenge young minds, providing both teacher-guided and independent practice opportunities. 9 diversity dolls/figurines or a board game that promotes social interaction, empathy, and celebrates differences, fostering collaborative play and independent exploration. Colorful posters to enhance classroom decor and reinforce learning objectives, serving as visual aids for teacher-led activities and independent reference.
  • Q. Can individuals or other organizations purchase classroom kits for schools?
    A. Yes. The corporate sponsorship program has been built to encourage corporations to help support schools in a meaningful way, but purchase can be made by individuals, other nonprofit or support organizations.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • Q. What is the cost of a classroom kit?
    A. The I Belong!™ Series classroom kits are currently priced at $300 per classroom. As The Village Ltd. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your purchase may qualify as a charitable contribution and may be fully tax-deductible. To ensure eligibility and understand the specific tax implications for your situation, we highly recommend consulting with a qualified tax advisor. By purchasing an I Belong!™ Series classroom kit, you're not only equipping young learners with valuable social-emotional learning tools, but you're also making a tax-deductible contribution that supports our mission.
  • Q. What factors led The Village Ltd. to choose a nonprofit structure over a for-profit model?
    A. The Village Ltd.'s founder made a deliberate decision to operate as a non-profit organization, driven by three key goals: 1. Safeguarding the Program's Integrity: Recognizing the powerful impact of their research-based programs on young minds, the founder aimed to protect them from potential misuse. Operating as a non-profit shields the programs from being manipulated for profit or weaponized by stakeholders with harmful agendas. This ensures their programs remain focused on fostering inclusivity and equity in their purest form. 2. Bridging the Funding Gap: Understanding the financial constraints faced by schools, the founder recognized the limited resources available for innovative educational programs like theirs. By adopting a non-profit model, the Village Ltd. opens doors for corporate and individual donations, making their program kits accessible to schools at no cost. This removes the financial barrier and ensures wider adoption, maximizing the program's reach and impact. 3. Investing in Social Impact: With growing interest in their programs, the Village Ltd. envisions a future where they can reinvest profits back into the community. They see an opportunity to support other non-profits tackling the downstream effects of biases while The Village Ltd. addresses the root cause. This creates a double impact, multiplying their efforts and building a legacy of positive social change. In essence, operating as a non-profit allows The Village Ltd. to prioritize their mission over profit, ensuring the program's integrity, accessibility, and long-term social impact. This aligns perfectly with their founder's vision of creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all children.
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