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The Village Ltd. Welcomes Lauren Cammarata Snow as Ex Officio Member
of the Board of Directors

Am Maynard

Mar 18, 2024

Lauren Cammarata Snow Elected as Ex Officio Member to The Village Ltd. Board of Directors

The Village Ltd. New Board Member Press Release


The Village Ltd.


The Village Ltd. Announces the Appointment of Lauren Cammarata Snow as Ex Officio Member of the Board of Directors

New Ex Officio Board Member brings a wealth of experience in business, trademark, and regulatory law to the Board of Directors.

Denver, Colorado. The Village Ltd. announced today the new appointment of Lauren Cammarata Snow as an Ex Officio Member to the Board of Directors.

Lauren Cammarato Snow works as an attorney with Goodspeed Merrill, a full service business life cycle firm, where she specializes in business, trademark, and regulatory law. Her extensive experience with regard to intellectual property rights has garnered her a reputation as a reliable resource for trademark and trade-secret work as well as licensing creation and enforcement. She also has extensive expertise working with highly regulated industries, assisting with obtaining licenses and maintaining compliance with any applicable regulations.

Lauren stated, "I am honored to join The Village as an ex officio board member. I look forward to utilizing my personal and professional experiences to support the organization in advocating for the advancement of equity, belonging, and inclusion educational programs. Investing in education around diversity, equity, and inclusion training for our children is an essential step towards building a brighter, more harmonious future, and a cause I care deeply about, especially as a mother to a young child. I am so impressed with the organization and the mission to bring inclusivity, belonging, and equity programs to our children. By nurturing young minds with the values of empathy, respect, and understanding, we lay the foundation for a society where everyone's voice is heard and valued. Together, we can empower the next generation to embrace diversity, dismantle prejudice, and create a world where every individual thrives."

Annmarie Maynard, CEO and President, shared, "I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at an event for a organization we both belong to. We hit it off immediately and haven't stopped talking since! It became clear to me that she would be a natural fit for The Village team. Her talents as an attorney are truly impressive, but her role as a fantastic mother to a beautiful 2-year-old is equally inspiring, especially as she navigates the world we're trying to create. I'm incredibly grateful that Lauren has decided to join us on this journey – she's a tremendous asset on every level."

Lauren resides in the Denver Metropolitan Area with her husband and daughter.

About The Village Ltd. -

The Village Ltd. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering inclusivity, belonging, and equity through innovative and research-based programs. Its flagship program, the Firefly Kids™ - I BElong!™ Series, is designed to impede bias development and promote healthy self-images among young learners. The Village Ltd. is committed to be nonpartisan and nonsectarian, ensuring that these programs are accessible to all children, irrespective of their backgrounds.

For more information about The Village Ltd., please visit

Media Contact: Annmarie Maynard


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